About Winhost

We understand the importance of choosing the right web host for your website. At Winhost, our mission and passion is providing you the most affordable world-class windows hosting solutions.


Our only focus is windows hosting

We focus on offering affordable Windows hosting. That's all we do and that is all we will ever do.

Our new Windows 2012 hosting platform is perfect for your ASP.NET, ASP and PHP hosting needs.

We don't try to be all things to all people and stretch our resources thin trying to support everything. Because of our focus, if you are looking for world-class Windows 2012 or Windows 2008 hosting, we promise that everybody in our company is devoted to offering the best Windows hosting solution for you.

We can prove that we are ASP.NET hosting experts

Anybody can start a hosting company these days with canned hosting automation software. And anybody can make claims of their expertise in Windows technology on a website. So we know that you are concerned about how to differentiate between the real hosting experts from the web hosting marketers.

At Winhost, we don't use other vendor's canned control panels and call ourselves technology experts. We can demonstrate our ASP.NET expertise because we built our own Control Panel using ASP.NET. We welcome you to check out our Live Control Panel Demo.

We own our servers — we don't rent from a reseller

With today's technology, it's easy to rent a dedicated server from a dedicated server hosting provider (often located in another state) and put some canned hosting software on the box and call yourself a hosting company. Winhost IS NOT this kind of host - we think you deserve better.

We own our own servers. We colo at a top tier data center near our office. We can walk into the data center and service our own servers anytime we want. We promise that the servers that will house your important website is not located thousands of miles away in some other state that is managed by some other company. We promise that our servers are reachable by our staff who can handle any server maintenance.

We focus on web hosting stability and reliability

Our main focus is to provide stable and reliable Windows web hosting instead of chasing the newest hype.

We accomplish this by:

Using industry-standard web environments with the latest technologies like Windows Server 2012, Internet Information Services 8.x, SQL 2016, SQL 2014, SQL 2012, ASP.NET Core (ASP.NET 5), ASP.NET 4.6, and ASP.NET MVC 6 and ASP.NET MVC 5. We also support ASP hosting and PHP hosting.

Hosting each site in its own isolated application pool with no additional cost so that no other customer can take down your site from poorly coded applications.

Using powerful Dell servers that are beefy enough to service the requirements of our customers. Our servers use 64 bit software, are dual quad-core, have 32 GB RAM, and have RAID 10 disk arrays. We don't skimp on our servers because we believe you deserve better.

Not installing everything new or requested on the web server, so we avoid continually adding new elements of potential failure. We promise that anything we install on your server will be thoroughly tested and will be considered stable by industry standards.

Hosting each element of our services on separate servers. For example, we host websites and SQL databases on a separate set of servers. It's more secure and more reliable this way. We host email on their own email servers. We host stats on their own stats servers. Sure, it would save us money to put multiple services on a single server, but that would use up a lot of server resources and slow down your website performance. We understand that site performance is critical for you, so we'll do what it takes to keep your site running smoothly.