What Winhost customers say

Not sure about ASP.NET hosting by Winhost? Here's what other developers and designers say about our Windows hosting services.

If you're a Winhost customer, tell us about your experience.

Your support is amazing and I will continue to rave about Winhost.

Jeremy F.

Wow - once again, you guys are amazingly fast!... And on a weekend! Thank you for your effort and timely turnaround. Much appreciated.

Brian K.

I just moved one of my customer's sites to your hosting service. Wow. I have never been so happy. Winhost is easy to deal with and amazingly, your support is fantastic too. I don't know WHY I stuck with 1and1 for so long. Thanks for all you do. Keep up the good work.

Laurie C.

I am absolutely amazed by the level of customer service at Winhost. Your email replies are lightning fast and helpful, the website deployment worked almost immediately, the database restore was intuitive and easy, I can access the database through SQL Management Studio (which I really like), site speed is fast, and the price is as cheap as Linux hosting. I seriously didn't expect to have a working test site deployed within one night. This is the least painful website move ever. Thanks again for the support.

Volker R.

My ASP.Net web application was throwing an error that I had not seen before. I submitted a support ticket and 13 minutes later had a response from technical support that resolved the problem....13 minutes!

Mike J.

Hey, just wanted to say that your hosting service is the most automated, self-service friendly I've ever seen. You guys respond quickly and there seems to be a nicely built tool for any website admin function.

John A.