Is your host dropping support for technology that you need?

We'll pay you to move to Winhost. Really.

We know it isn't always easy or convenient to update older code.

So while many hosts are pulling the plug on legacy technologies, we continue to support them. And we will support them for as long as we can. Winhost continues to support Access, Classic ASP, WebMatrix, Silverlight, LightSwitch, Expression - technology that many websites depend on.

Don't feel trapped because you've prepaid your current host

Take advantage of our Move In Bonus! We will "buy out" your current plan* so you won't lose the hosting time you've already paid for.

Take advantage of the Winhost "Move In Bonus"

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Moving is a pain!

So let our migration experts move your website, database and email for you. Just let us know what you need and we'll take it from there, keeping you informed as the move progresses.

What our customers say about making the move to Winhost

If you've ever found yourself saying:

"My host doesn't support Access databases anymore!"
"My host doesn't support Classic ASP anymore!"
"My host doesn't support WebMatrix anymore!"
"My host doesn't support Silverlight anymore!"
"My host doesn't support LightSwitch anymore!"
"My host doesn't support Expression Web anymore!"

It's time to end your frustration and come to Winhost. We've got you covered.

When you move your website from one host to another, the process is known as migration. There are many possible variations in a website migration, but the basic steps are:

  1. Open an account at the new host and note your FTP information for moving files.
  2. Download a copy of your site files from the current host.
  3. Upload your site files to the root directory in your account at the new host.
  4. If you are moving your email as well, enable email service at the new host and set up your email users.
  5. Change the name servers for your domain to point to the new host. DNS updates can take a few minutes up to 24 hours, depending on your ISP. If possible, leave your site up and running at your old host for a day or two after you've completed your move. That way visitors whose DNS doesn't update quickly will still see the site on the old server, even after you've moved.

Check with the new host for mailbox migration options.

Moving a site that is database-driven is a bit more complicated, so we won't go into the steps here. But if you are migrating your site to Winhost, remember that we will move your site for free!