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With a team that pioneered Windows hosting platforms, Winhost has built one of the most stable mass hosting platform available anywhere.

Winhost's team are experts in Microsoft hosting technologies.

Explore all the open source and Microsoft hosting technologies that Winhost supports.

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.NET Core Hosting

We support .NET Core Hosting with both Framework-dependent deployment and Self-contained deployment.

Our .NET Core hosting plans supports .NET Core 8.x and .NET Core 7.x along with .NET Core 6.x, .NET Core 5.x, .NET Core 3.x and .NET Core 2.x.

ASP.NET Hosting

Your applications can be written in any language that is compatible with the common language runtime (CLR), including Visual Basic and C#.

Our .NET hosting plans supports ASP.NET 4.8.x on our Windows 2019 and Windows 2016 Hosting platform and is compatible with Visual Studio.


You can build Web applications as a composite of 3 different roles. The "Model" is the application state typically stored in a database. The "View" extracts information from the "Model" and displays the information. The "Controller" updates the "Model" to keep track of any changes in state.

To use MVC, you can freely upload the MVC assemblies to your /bin folder.

Windows Server Hosting

Winhost supports hosting on Windows Server 2019 and Windows 2016. Winhost's hosting platform includes support for web applications that use .NET Core, ASP.NET, ASP and PHP.

The Windows 2019 and Windows 2016 hosting platform comes with Internet Information Services 10.X (IIS10)

Unlike many other hosts, Winhost supports full trust so our customer's sites are isolated from one another for greater reliability and security.

Microsoft SQL Hosting

We host SQL data on separate SQL servers and promise never to host websites and SQL databases on the same server.

You get DBO rights and we support integrated full text search, stored procedures, and ASP.NET SQL Session. You can manage your SQL database remotely using SQL Management Studio or SQL Management Studio Express.

PHP Hosting

PHP is one of the most popular open source scripting language for the web and we support it here at Winhost.

In the past, PHP didn't run well on a Windows server but over the last several years, Microsoft has improved IIS and now PHP runs great on Windows hosting platforms. That means popular open source apps like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal will run on our Windows hosting plans.

MySQL Hosting

MySQL is a popular open source relational database system and we support it as part of our Windows hosting plans at Winhost.

By supporting MySQL hosting you can use popular open source apps like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal with our Windows hosting plans. We have a one click installer for many of these apps in our control panel.

Microsoft WebMatrix Hosting

Even though Microsoft has deprecated WebMatrix, a legacy free development tool, we can still host sites built with WebMatrix.

In the Winhost control panel, you can download the web deploy XML publish settings to make deploying your website much easier.

ASP Hosting

ASP stands for Active Server Pages and was Microsoft's first script engine to dynamically generate web pages.

Microsoft in recent times has shifted to promote ASP.NET, but there are still many legacy ASP applications and software out on the web.

Microsoft Access Hosting

Access database is part of Microsoft's Office Suite. Even though Access is typically used as a desktop application, the Access database can also be used as a file based database to drive websites. Access is not as robust or scalable as MS SQL but for lighter web site activities, Access can be a solution.

We support dynamic Access driven websites with all our Windows hosting plans.

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