SSL Certificates

Give users confidence in your website. SSL certificates secure sensitive data transfers, such as credit card transactions, logins, and social media sites. Winhost sells popular SSL certificates at a significant discount, and makes it easy to install it on your website.

SSL Certificate Pricing*

Certificate type Annual Price Warranty
RapidSSL $49 $10,000
RapidSSL Wildcard $229 $10,000
GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium $139 $500,000
GeoTrust True BusinessID $189 $1,250,000
GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV
(With green address bar in browser)
$289 $1,500,000
GeoTrust True BusinessID Wildcard $489 $1,250,000

* SSL certificates are non-refundable.

What are SSL Certificates?

SSL certificates are digital certificates that authenticate the website's identity and encrypt information moving through the Internet between your website and the user's browser.

SSL certificates are necessary for websites to transfer data securely, and are mostly used by websites for credit card transactions and secure logins.

How do you know a website is using SSL?

If your website page is secured using SSL, the user will see a "lock" in their browser, indicating SSL encryption. Likewise, the prefix to the URL will say "https", instead of just "http". The new Extended Validation (EV) certificates will also change the color of the browser's address bar to give the user even more confidence.

Why should I buy SSL certificates from Winhost?

Plain and simple - It's generally cheaper than going direct to the SSL provider and you take care of your hosting and SSL certificate with one vendor.

What's a "wildcard" SSL certificate?

Standard SSL certificates only secure one subdomain (e.g. A wildcard SSL certificate can be used with multiple subdomains of the same domain (e.g.,,, etc.).

Why do some SSL certificates cost more or provide a greater warranty?

More expensive SSL certificates come with additional features - they may allow you to secure unlimited subdomains or may offer better visual indication that a page is secure (e.g., EV certs will turn the address bar green). The more expensive certificates will require more validation information about your organization or business so will take longer to issue. The benefit is that these SSL certificates provide greater confidence to your cusotmers and come with higher warranties.

Can I use the SSL certificate anywhere or just with Winhost Web Hosting?

You can purchase an SSL certificate from Winhost and use it anywhere you want.

Of course, we'd prefer you use your SSL certificate with your Winhost website. You can use SSL certificates with either our Max Hosting Plan or Ultimate Hosting Plan or Power Hosting Plan.

What will I need to purchase an SSL Certificate?

As part of the SSL Certificate purchasing process, you will need to provide a CSR (certificate signing request). A CSR is a public key that you generate on the server that hosts your website. It is used to valdiate specific information about your web server and your organization or business.

If you host your website with Winhost, you can generate the CSR through our control panel. At other web hosting providers, you may need to request the CSR from their support staff.

How do I purchase an SSL certificate?

If you are already a Winhost customer, you can purchase SSL certificates from within your Winhost Control Panel.

If you are not a Winhost web hosting customer yet - no worries. You can use this SSL Certificate Order Form to set up a Winhost account and purchase your SSL certificate.

Secure your website with affordable SSL certificates.