Security Operations Center

24/7 Managed Cyberthreat Monitoring

Winhost's Fully-Managed Hosting Services includes Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) services, designed to help thwart modern cyberthreats that are increasingly targeting small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Managed SOC Solution key features:

•  Round-the-clock monitoring

We monitor your servers and traffic 24/7 for any abnormal behavior. If there is any suspicious event, our team is immediately alerted. We will investigate and, if necessary, mitigate the situation.

•  There is no hardware requirement

You won't need to any additional hardware for the Managed Security Operations Center services.

•  We have Threat Intelligence Partners

The cyberthreat monitoring solution connects to premium intelligence partners who provide a large global repository of threat indicators. This is how the Managed SOC service stays on top of the most current threats.

•  Behind the scene Security Operations Center Analyst Team

Managed SOC is not only an automated solution. There are teams of cybersecurity analysts behind the scene at our Threat Intelligence Feed Partner who analyze and aggregate new emerging threat indicators.

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Why is Security Operations Center Monitoring important?

Today, highly skilled hackers can bypass traditional firewalls and Antivirus/Antimalware protections. In addition, attacks on SMBs are increasing. The combination of these two trends make it important for SMBs to be more vigilant in preparing for such cyberthreats, like ransomware attacks.

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What kinds of cyberthreats does Managed SOC detect?

Managed SOC is a 24/7 cyberthreat monitoring, detection, and response solution. The solution monitors your servers round-the-clock for any unusual activity and traffic. If something strange is detected, the system would immediately trigger an alert to our team to investigate further and mitigate any suspicious activity. For example, our team would be notified if a customer's server makes an unusual connection to a server located in a foreign country or a known terrorist network, or if crypto-mining activities are detected.

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