Managed WordPress hosting, security and hardening

Love WordPress but could live without the constant maintenance and security tasks? Let us do it for you. Fully managed WordPress hosting with monthly maintenance and security checks, backup restoration and much more.

Managed WordPress hosting includes:

•  WordPress hardening for maximum security

•  Monthly updates of WordPress core, Plugins and Themes

•  An in-house security expert will personally examine your WordPress installation every month, looking for malicious files and signs of compromise. If your WordPress installation is compromised or hacked, we'll clean it up.

•  WordPress installation, including database set up, Plugins and Themes

•  Free website migration for a quick, smooth transition

•  Configuration of automatic WordPress site and database backups

•  WordPress-specific support and personalized assistance at no extra charge

•  All of this in addition to everything you get with the Winhost Max Plan

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All the benefits of WordPress with none of the headaches

WordPress is great. Maintaining it is not.

Between WordPress core updates, plugin updates and theme updates, it can seem like something needs to be taken care of every time you log in to your WordPress site. What's worse, if you don't log in to the admin section very often, missing those updates can be dangerous, opening your site up to exploits and compromises.

Winhost managed WordPress hosting frees you from WordPress maintenance tasks, and as a bonus, includes a hardening service that increases overall security and makes it more difficult for the bad guys to exploit your site.

What is WordPress hardening?

WordPress hardening is a comprehensive security overhaul to make your WordPress installation more secure. It includes a number of things such as:

•  Enabling IP restrictions

•  Disabling editing of WordPress theme files

•  Preventing executable files from running in your uploads folder

•  Installing plugins to block malicious URL Requests

•  Enabling automatic updates (based on your needs - can include minor WordPress core updates, plugin and theme updates, and major core updates)

We will work with you to make your WordPress site as secure as possible, while maintaining your ability to do the work you need to do.

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1 year plan $49.90* per month
3 month plan $59.90* per month
If you already have a Winhost hosting plan, please contact us for pricing.

*The monthly prices shown here are averages, and include the Winhost Max hosting plan, Managed WordPress service, and the 12 month prorated 10GB SiteBackup service fees. SiteBackup services are prepaid annually, so in the first billing period your actual monthly price may differ from the averages shown here. SiteBackup service is required so that your WordPress site can be restored quickly and effectively in the event of a compromise.

Managed WordPress hosting starting at $49.90