Automatically backup your website files, SQL databases and MySQL databases in case you accidentally delete or overwrite files or a hacker takes your site down.

It's easy to secure all your files and data. Keep multiple versions of your backup ready for any emergency file restore.

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For just $2.95/mo, SiteBackup is the fastest and easiest way to give yourself peace of mind.

SiteBackup Pricing

10GB Backup Storage 30GB Backup Storage 60GB Backup Storage
$2.95 / mo $6.95 / mo $12.95 / mo

* SiteBackup is billed and renewed annually with a 30 day money back policy.


xAutomated Backups

Daily backups at the domain-level of your mission critical data, including web pages and MySQL databases and MS SQL databases.

xEasy Download and Restore

Easily download and restore all of your website files from a single location with a single click.

xBackup Management

Simple management interface to manage all your settings, such as when and how frequently you want to backup your site, and how many versions to keep.

xSecure Offsite Storage

The backup servers connect to your website using secure FTP over SSL protocol to secure the data transfer. And while stored on the backup servers, the data is encrypted using AES 256 encryption block cipher.

xBlacklist Monitoring

If your site is ever compromised, Google may flag it and you may not know. With our Blacklist Monitoring service we will alert you if this ever happens and we will also stop your site file and database backups to prevent making backups of compromised files.

Get SiteBackup and you won't ever lose another file.