Managed Hosting Services

Love Winhost but your site is outgrowing our ASP.NET Shared hosting plans?

Winhost offers the next step in hosting with our Fully-Managed Hosting Services. We'll set up a separate server environment for you with no other customers on it. And we'll maintain the server system just like we do with our shared servers.

Managed Hosting Services include:

•  Your own private cloud infrastructure

•  A totally customized Windows server setup

•  Server maintenance

•  Management of server updates and security patches

•  Technical support included

•  2 hours/month of free system admin and DBA support

•  Free Website migration

•  Website and database backups

•  Scalable with minimal downtime

•  24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) cyberthreat monitoring

•  Advanced Application and Database Monitoring (optional)

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What is Security Operations Center (SOC) Cyberthreat Monitoring?

Today, skilled hackers can bypass traditional firewalls and Antivirus/Antimalware protections. Furthermore, attacks on small and medium sized businesses are increasing at an alarming rate.

To address this trend, Winhost offers Managed Hosting customers with Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) services, which is a 24/7 cyberthreat monitoring, detection, and response solution. This solution continually monitors your servers for any unusual activity and traffic. Any such event would immediately trigger an alert to our team to investigate further and mitigate any suspicious activity. For example, our team would be notified if a customer's server makes an unusual connection to a server in a foreign country.
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What is Advanced Application/Database Monitoring?

The advanced monitoring service is an optional low-resource service that attaches itself to the process on the server. This helps monitor any errors or performance degradation that your site might encounter. For example, it can detect slow-running queries or a random error your customer experienced at checkout. By using this service, you can find out about issues with your site that you would never know about.

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