Managed Hosting Services

Love Winhost but your site is outgrowing our ASP.NET Shared hosting plans?

Winhost offers the next step in hosting with our Fully-Managed Hosting Services. We'll set up a separate server environment for you with no other customers on it. And we'll maintain the server system just like we do with our shared servers.

Managed Hosting Services include:

•  Your own private cloud infrastructure

•  A totally customized Windows server setup

•  Server maintenance

•  Management of server updates and security patches

•  Technical support

•  2 hours/month of free system admin support

•  Website migration

•  Website and database backups

•  Scalable with minimal downtime

•  Advanced Application and Database Monitoring (optional)

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What is Advanced Monitoring?

The advanced monitoring service is an optional low-resource service that attaches itself to the process on the server. This helps monitor any errors or performance degradation that your site might encounter. For example, it can detect slow-running queries or a random error your customer experienced at checkout. By using this service, you can find out about issues with your site that you would never know about.

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