Microsoft Office 365 Backup

microsoft office 365 backupAutomated Microsoft Office 365 backup and archiving with recovery tools. Back up your Email, Attachments, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. Unlimited storage. Unlimited retention.

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Microsoft Office 365 backup made simple and starting at $3.34/mo.

Microsoft Office 365 Backup Pricing *

M365Backup M365Backup + Archiving
$4.00 per month -or-
$40.00 per year
30-Day FREE Trial Available
$5.00 per month -or-
$50.00 per year
30-Day FREE Trial Available

* M365Backup is billed and renewed monthly or annually per seat with a 30 day money back policy.


xComprehensive Automated Secure Backups

Easily set up automated backups for Microsoft Office 365. This solution backs up your Microsoft Office 365 email, attachments, calendar, contacts, tasks, OneDrive, SharePoint, Groups and Teams. Your data is secure when transferred and encrypted at rest.

xDon't worry about backup storage space or backup duration

The M365Backup service comes with unlimited storage and unlimited retention.

xControl Panel with Search and Recover Capability

A separate M365Backup Control Panel includes powerful search tools making it easy to find data in your archive and retrieve content.


xAdvanced Email Archiving (included in higher tier plan)

This Advanced Archiving service is designed for businesses that need to comply with regulations which require all their email communication to be securely backed up, archived, searchable, discoverable, and accessible in the event of a legal motion or for a third-party audit.

Protect your Microsoft Office 365 data.



Doesn't Microsoft backup my Microsoft Office 365 already?
Not really. Microsoft is repsponsible for their Microsoft Office 365 infrastructure, but are not responsible for backing up content.

Do I really need to backup my Microsoft Office 365 data?
If you run a business, a large portion of your communications is probably via email. Think about what would happen if you couldn't find your negotiation conversations, contracts, attachments, or commitments.

If you are in a regulated industry like legal or financial businesses, you may be required by law to archive your Microsoft Office 365 data.

If your Microsoft Office 365 account is personal, then think about all the important content and memories that you have stored in OneDrive.

M365Backup is a convenient, cost-effective and secure insurance policy for some peace of mind.

Safeguard your Microsoft Office 365 data and get peace of mind today.