Security for Online Business

Protect your website from hackers.

SiteLock scans your website daily to detect malware, SQL injection attacks and application vulnerabilities. SiteLock keeps harmful traffic away for good, and includes a control panel to manage your service.

SiteLock security scanning packages

Get SiteLock Basic Security Scan FREE for one year with Ultimate hosting plan and Power hosting plan.

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Basic Premium Enterprise
Annual Fee $19.95/yr $59.95/yr $199.95/yr
Protection from Hackers x x x
No. of Pages Up to 25 Up to 500 Up to 2500
360-Degree Malware Scan
Daily Malware Scan x x x
Automatic Malware Removal x x
Daily FTP Scanning x x
File Change Monitoring x x
360-Degree Vulnerability Scan
Network Scan x x x
Website Application Scan
(e.g., Wordpress)
1-Time x x
SQL Injection Scan 1-Time x x
Cross-Site Scripting Scan (XSS) 1-Time x x
Reputation Management
Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring x x x
Business Verification x x x
Phone Number Verification x x x
Spam Monitoring x x x
SSL Verification x x x
Domain Verification x x x
Postal Mail Verification x x x
Verifiable Trust Certificate x x x
PCI Scanning Service
Optional Add-on: $25/mo (paid annually)
available available available

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SiteLock security features

Daily Malware Security Scan

SiteLocks scans your entire site daily and alerts you when malware is found.

Build Trust with Website Visitors

Display SiteLock's verifiable trusted seal to build trust and improve your website's reputation. The SiteLock Trust certificate will give your website visitors peace of mind, and it has been proven to increase website conversion rates and sales.

Application Vulnerability Scanning

If you use open source applications like Wordpress, SiteLock keeps track of new vulnerabilities of applications and detects them before hackers can exploit those vulnerabilities.

SiteLock Control Panel

Easily view reports and manage your SiteLock service.

PCI Scanning

Does your site accept credit card payments or are you thinking of it?

If you accept credit card payments, or plan to in the future, you will have to have a PCI (Payment Card Industry) scan of your site and a review of your data handling procedures on an ongoing basis. The SiteLock PCI service can make that process much easier.

Simplified PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire

SiteLock provides the most simplified version of the PCI self-assessment questionnaire available.

Quarterly PCI external scans

SiteLock will perform a PCI scan to check for any potential security weaknesses every quarter.

SiteLock Security Plan Add-on

The PCI scanning service is an optional add-on to the SiteLock Security plans. You can order PCI Scanning services from the Control Panel.

SiteLock TrueShield CDN packages

Starting at free

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Basic Professional Enterprise
Annual Fee free $150.00/yr $400.00/yr
Content Delivery Network x x x
Static Content Caching x x x
Dynamic Content Caching x x
Minification x x x
Block Bad Bots x x x
SSL Support x x
SQL & XSS Prevention x
Block Backdoor Access x
Requires SiteLock Security Plan x x x

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SiteLock TrueShield features

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN technology accelerates your site by caching content in edge servers around the globe.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

TrueShield WAF blocks targeted attempts such as cross-site scripting (XSS) from compromising your site.

Stops Comment Spam

A major headache for bloggers, TrueShield eliminates comment spam.

Malicious Bot Protection

TrueShield offers protection from malicious bots based on IP reputation and bot behavioral analysis. The system differentiates human traffic from bot traffic and can identify the traffic from malicious bots and search engine spider bots.