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5 star
D. Anderson
Service is extremely fast and reliable
Service is extremely fast and reliable, and the control panel makes managing my own sites incredibly easy. I won't use any other company for hosting my sites other than Winhost.
5 star
We moved over from another provider
We moved over from another provider recently and the Winhost side of the transition was perfect. Wish I could say the same for the previous provider as that caused so much wasted time and anger.
5 star
Colin M.
Great support when we need it!
Their tech support team is very responsive, quick, and helpful whenever there's an issue. Also, the dependable, easy-to-use service is a great value, offering startups like ours the best bang for the buck. We'll use Winhost to host all of our sites going forward.
5 star
Steven A.
Great Service
Great Service. We moved our API from Azure due to random SSL related issues and have not had any issues since. The service is great value and we have halved our costs since the move. Highly recommended!
5 star
P. Myhrer
You can't get better service
I've been an associate for 7 years and have followed this company for many more then that. I recommend them not because they host sites, but because they are the best. Over the years, the customer support has been exemplary, if it is on my end they have done their best to guide me in the right direction, which, of course fixed the issue. Yet, on the other side of the coin, if it was an issue on their part, they owned it, admitted and fixed the issue in a short period of time, not days and no excuses, no run arounds, just great customer service and a great service all around. I have one site they've been hosting for 7 years and never not once has there been an problem
5 star
J. Beiswenger
What made my experience great?
What made my experience great? That would take more room than that provided. I have been with Winhost for almost 30 years, and they have never let me down. Their Support Team is remarkable, the best. If I need help, they are there. I have 6 sites with Winhost and as many as 36 domain names. I have been a product research engineer for more than 50 years, so I know what I am talking about. Winhost works and works every time.
5 star
John R.
Superb Reliability and Support
As a consulting services company, we offer our clients a suite of online assessments and customized reports across a half-dozen web sites. Because our needs exceed the capabilities of off-the-shelf online survey providers, we have our own developers. Web hosting services are critical to our operations and economic livelihood. However, it’s something we do not have the resources to attempt ourselves. Our major criteria are reliability and support. For almost ten years, we have used Winhost to provide comprehensive services, superb reliability, and fast, thorough support whenever it has been needed.
5 star
D. J. Gray
I am exceedingly pleased with my choice of Winhost
I have been with Winhost for about three months now, following a 20+ year run with GoDaddy. My hosting experience has improved dramatically. Email frustrations have vanished. Page load/response times have been cut from 10 seconds per page to about 1 or 2 per page. Customer Service response time is measured in hours rather than days. Really, I have nothing but positive things to say about this move, other than that I wish I'd made the move years ago rather than months ago. I'm very pleased to be a Winhost customer.
5 star
L. Pinter
Always a pleasant surprise
I've been happy with Winhost services for years, and they're just getting better. I signed up because they had exactly what I needed for a low price. When I need tech support, their response is almost instantaneous. They know the answers to issues that even a Google search can't find. And they are courteous, which doesn't always happen when you're dealing with big companies. I would recommend Winhost to anyone who needs web hosting.
5 star
Steve Hall
Dependable and responsive
First, the offerings of Microsoft based services I am already familiar with including the latest .NET core versions. The control panel lets me do all the admin tasks including renewals, ssl cert, domain name, and backups. All database needs can be handled wth sql mgmt studio directly, nice! Second, the quick and useful responses from support, this is hard to find. Third, price and performance, both hard to beat. Overall highly recommended.
5 star
A. Dentone
Thrilled with outstanding service & server support for over 5 years!
We picked WinHost because they offered an easier way to setup reliable Windows Hosting for several old Classic ASP sites we were hosting. Since 2015, the uptime that WinHost has provided was very close to 100% (we tracked it to 99.99%). When there was downtime, it was only about 5-8 minutes every other month or so. When we did need to contact support, they were relatively fast and always very respectful and helpful. Overall, we’d recommend WinHost!
5 star
Helped me with problems that I caused!
I had two problems today in getting a new MySQL database up and accessible. I spent hours on it, trying to make the connection to the database, first in PHPMyAdmin and then from my PHP program. Both times the problem was my error, but I couldn't find it. Both times the Support person figured it out and let me know in a clear communication what the problem was. I LOVE Winhost support.
5 star
Very reliable IIS hosting solution
I've been with hosting multiple websites with Winhost for just over 8 years. I find the service very reliable, the hosting control panel is easy to use and make changes. The pricing is highly competitive and good value for money when compared to similar packages from other hosting companies... All issues that I have raised with Winhost have been answered quickly.
5 star
A. Smith
Better than Telus or Azure for me
We have a hosting package with Telus, linux by default I guess. I wanted to build an ASP.NET app and it was REALLY uphill with them for a web novice. The MS SQL stuff was OK but the app never ran. My fault apparently. I fell for the "free trial' offer with AZURE and that was an easy setup, my code that wouldn't run on Telus ran first time. However the "free trial" ran out real quick and got expensive fast so I cancelled that account. Winhost was easy to purchase and set up, the cost is reasonable, and the help with setting DNS records appropriately, and getting the app started was fast and understandable.
5 star
G. Hepworth
Amazing Response From Winhost Support
The response from Winhost to a problem I had with my website was immediate (much quicker than I anticipated). And the actions taken were quick and decisive. After a bit of back and forth to clarify the problem, I got a detailed explanation of what happened and how they had fixed it. Again, much more than I'd anticipated. This is consistent with many years of history with Winhost, although the problems I've encountered have been few and far between. My sites on Winhost just work dependably and consistently.
5 star
Wow and wow
Wow and wow I changed hosting companies 5 times in 3 months trying to find a service prodiver who could meet the requirements of my project at reasonable price. Cheaper packages, no technical experiences required to get going, excellement support 24/7, etc... Well I can't find better words to describe them! Winhost are the BEST. Thanks and God bless you abundantly.
5 star
I was very surprised
I was very surprised, when I switched to, that their technical support people actually knew what they were talking about. My old, well known, hosting company hadn't a clue how to resolve a technical issue on their server, even after I told them how to do it.
5 star
R. Berube
After a service catastrophe on GoDaddy
After a service catastrophe on GoDaddy took our sites down, we moved our three sites to Winhost in a matter of a day, without a hitch! The online tutorials and directions were excellent, and site design is very intuitive. The tech support has been incredible, with nearly every request answered within fifteen minutes. All responses were very tailored, and helpful. It felt like waking up from a GoDaddy nightmare, to experiencing a brand new day full of sunshine with Winhost. I now recommend Winhost to everyone!
5 star
P. Moline
My internal server went down
My internal server went down and needed to setup quickly on a more reliable platform. Winhost made it so easy, I was up and running within 30 minutes of setting up the account, that included moving my database and publishing my website. I couldn't have asked for more.
5 star
R. Rost
Absolutely Fantastic
Absolutely Fantastic! I left GoDaddy after having been with them for 10+ years because of poor server performance and HORRIBLE customer service. Signed up with WinHost. Not only is my server faster and easier to work with, their customer service really impressed me. Not only can I EMAIL a support tech (which I prefer, and most other companies don't allow) but they got back to me in MINUTES, not hours. I have since recommended WinHost in my classes, to all my students and to my associates. I cannot praise their service and support enough.
5 star
Great support
Great support... they are thorough and provide expert advice. Went above and beyond in assisting me with connecting to CloudFlare. Would highly recommend using WinHost. Started with HostGator and immediately transferred to WinHost, and have been happy ever since.
5 star
M. Mullins
Excellent support today
Excellent support today. Online assistance got me through issues with wp and pps. Very knowledgeable and efficient. Have been with Winhost for several years and super solid. We have over 6 sites hosted here. What are you waiting for?
5 star
A. Mutimba
I made a great decision to host my API
I made a great decision to host my API at Winhost. Their plans are great and affordable, and their customer care agents are dedicated to great service, and would give you support until you get grounded. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a web host. Thank me later!
5 star
M. Dajani
Very clear upfront explanation of provided services. This in addition to very reasonable pricing and very agile and responsive customer service. The service itself has been magnificent and without a single glitch.

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